APRIL 25 - 29, 2020

Marching Knights, Concert Choir, and Orchestra

Performance: Marching Knights parade through a Disney Park (April 28)
Workshops: Attend a workshop for Band/Orchestra, Dance, Choir (April 27)
Visit the parks: Four days in parks
Cost: The current high estimate is $1200 (this will likely drop with Southwest airfare quote)
Cost covers all transfers, airfare, lodging (quad occupancy), workshops and a $35 meal card for each day
If you are planning to go on the trip let Mr. Shearer know ASAP, matthew.shearer@fcps.org
Return this form to Mr. Shearer by October 25 - Disney Commitment Form
All monies will be handled through Cruise Holidays Frederick, contact eforsberg@cruisemd.com
$50 Deposit due by November 1st (to Cruise Holidays Frederick)
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